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    JBoss AS Community editions

    Guillermo L Newbie

      Hi guys,

      After reading lot of articles it is still not clear for me what has happened to JBoss community editions and whether they're gone or not. Recently EAP downloads were published however the last JBoss Community version I can see is 7.1.


      Could someone from the JBoss AS leads/managers explain whether we're still going to get community editions and how? Up to my knowledge, till "recent" changes all JBoss AS releases were released to the community free of charge and without support. Are we still going to get those releases or just EAP versions with restricted usage? Since the code claims to be LGPL I guess I could still build it from source, so what's the difference between a package I can build from source and the versions that at least used to be published? If none, why aren't being published like it used to be in the past?


      Thanks for your clarification!