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    styckysession not working with httpd-2.4.6 / mod_cluster-1.2.5.Final


      In the following configuration, the stickysession directive worked perfectly when using httpd-2.2.24/mod_cluster-1.2.0.Final;

      however, it does not work any longer (in the sense that it is ignored) with httpd-2.4.6/mod_cluster-1.2.5.Final.


      <Proxy balancer://mycluster>

      BalancerMember ajp://stw-1:7009/ route=stw-1

      BalancerMember ajp://stw-2:7009/ route=stw-2

      ProxySet stickysession=JSESSIONID|jsessionid



      I read in the docs that stickysession should be enabled by default in mod_cluster anyway, but that is not the case for me.

      The two BalancerMember directives may or may not be there, the result is the same.


      I am using AS7-7.2.0.Final