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    Conversations... Ending and Starting a new conversation in another controller.

    Tony Herstell Master

      [The "CRUD" bean...]

      I am "leaving" a bean (and conversation) via:

       public String back() {
            return this.actionManagementController.init();


      (In parent class...)

         protected void finishMyConversation() {
            if (!this.getConversation().isTransient()) { // May have been an error (don't
               // get trapped on the page).
               this.getConversation().end(); // END THE LONG RUNNING CONVERSATION


      [The "Manage The List" bean...]

      The call to actionManagementController.init (in another @Injected bean) is, now, starting a new conversation

         // land here off a menu click...
         public String init() {
            return "pretty:manageActions";


      (In parent class...)

       protected void startMyConversation() {
            // Start a Conversation
            if (!this.getConversation().isTransient()) {
            this.getConversation().begin(); // START THE LONG RUNNING CONVERSATION


      What I see happening is the conversation seems to be carried on...


      I don't see any side-effects (yet) but is there a way to "really" end a conversation and force a new one to be started?


      I originally had this done the Seam 2 way...  that one bean was Sessions scoped and contained a list of "things" to "do stuff to" (like the hotel example in Seam2)... This would launch into the other bean and start a conversation to "do stuff" to the thing you had picked... This initially seemed to work fine, but then I kept getting problems as the sessions bean was coming up with "old" versions of the objects (from a bit of reading its a "feature" of Hibernate).