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    Configure modeshape with cloud




            I plan to use modeshape 3.4 with any cloud provider as storage. Are there any resources/examples that might help me. I want to connect mode shape with an online cloud service provider like Amazon's AWS or google cloud etc. for storage. I am using the .json and infinispan.xml files for repository storage configurations etc.



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          Running in a cloud provider would be relatively straightforward, though I believe that clustering would be the most challenging since, for example, Amazon does not provide multicast. There are quite a few examples and documentation of other JGroups-based systems running in these environments (see Torquebox), so it's definitely possible.


          The next level of cloud integration is if you want to store your content in a cloud-based service. There are three aspects of this:

          1. Infinispan cache store - Generally, each ModeShape repository stores all its content (except for federated content) inside an Infinispan cache, which uses a variety of cache stores to talk to the actual persistence mechanism. Some of these will work inside a cloud service, including Infinispan's JClouds cache store. There may even be others out there. You can always implement your own, too.
          2. Binary store - ModeShape stores binary content inside a binary store, and there are multiple options here, too, including Infinispan, Cassandra or a JDBC database (among others). But nothing out of the box that directly works with any cloud providers. (See MODE-1446 for a proposed S3 binary store implementation.)
          3. Federation - Another option is to access some content in a cloud-based store (other than where the main repository content is stored) through a federated connector. Again, nothing out-of-the-box, though an S3 connector is on the roadmap (see MODE-1317).