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    Shrinkwrap can be built only on JDK 1.7 environment?


      There are some artifacts in shrinkwrap which does not require JDK 1.7 to build, like:


      • api
      • bom
      • build-resources
      • dep-chain
      • dist
      • impl-base
      • spi

        Only artifacts:

      • api-nio2
      • depchain-java7
      • impl-nio2

         requries JDK 1.7 to build


      But currently, it can be built only in JDK 1.7 environment, even for the artifacts which can be built in JDK 1.6, I think it would be better to make a profile to distinguish the artifacts built in JDK1.6+ and JDK1.7+, so that those artifacts which can be built in JDK1.6 will still build successfully in JDK 1.7 environment?