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    Topic broadcast across dynamic cluster with core API


      Hi All,


      I have an application which embeds HornetQ and both produces and consumes using the in-vm transport.

      I'd like to cluster the application so I have set up a cluster with dynamic discovery as outlined in the latest 2.3.x docs.

      The message redistribution appears to be working correctly, so all looks good so far.


      Now, I want to be able to send a cancel signal to any instance and have it broadcast the message to all participating nodes in the cluster.

      I had thought to use a Topic but it appears that messages to it do not automatically propagate across the cluster.

      From my understanding I need to set up a non-exclusive Divert configuration.

      The problem is that I don't know all targets for the Divert ahead of time.

      Is there any way to accomplish having the Divert configuration be dynamic as nodes join/leave the cluster?




      Frank Grimes