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    root.war/ for jsps how to?

    Tushar Kapila Newbie


      i downloaded the Aug 8 release version, 7.0


      I'm able to deploy a ear and war files. But not sure where I can put exploded jsps


      We currently use jboss 4.3 EA which has a \jboss-EAC\server\MyApp\deploy\jboss-web.deployer\ROOT.war


      folder which we use to drop jsp tools, html, images etc


      How do I configure the same in AS7?


      I tried placing a jsp in \welcome-content\ but it just servers it as text/plain instead of parsing it as a jsp.


      I want the / root context to point to a folder instead of a war/ ear and also want a ear and a few wars deployed.


      So once all set up http://a.com/a.jsp will be from the root war, http://a.com/utils/b.jsp will also be from the root.war sub folder utils, http://a.com/csr/index.jsp will be from csr.war and http://a.com/app/web/index.jsp will be from appMain.ear with context app/


      Thank you your time!