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    Run sequencer on different machine


      We would like to run sequencers on a different machine than the machine on which our ModeShape repository runs.


      Is there a way to somehow configure ModeShape (multiple engines or multiple repositories?) to accomplish this?

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          No, ModeShape sequencers can only on the same process where the repository is deployed.


          Why would you want to run the sequencers on a different machine? If you need more horsepower, can you not just create a cluster? For example, you could run ModeShape on the machine where you want to run the sequencers, and change both ModeShape configurations to create a single cluster. You could configure the sequencers to run only on the one machine, and use the other for the rest of your workload.


          Clustering ModeShape means that any changes made on one machine will be visible to the other machine, including via events. Events are how ModeShape knows to run the automatic sequencers.


          See our Clustering documentation for more information on what clustering means and how to create a cluster.

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            we separate persisted data onto a database server and code onto application servers and the separate machine is a farm of hot-swappable load-balanced application servers that are not backed up