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    Error in named query: UnescalatedDeadlines


      I am beginner to this and trying to do the sample project which explained here.


      HelloProcess Example using JBPM5 Eclipse Plug-in


      It was giving some error in "EntityManagerFactory" and UnescalatedDeadlines not found, I fixed these things by placing persistance.xml and orm.xml and mapping the orm inside the persistance and adding h2.jar to classpath.


      But now I getting the error,


      Error in named query: UnescalatedDeadlines

      org.hibernate.QueryException: Unable to render boolean literal value [select new org.jbpm.task.query.DeadlineSummary( t.id, d.id, d.date) from org.jbpm.task.Task t, org.jbpm.task.Deadline d where (d in elements( t.deadlines.startDeadlines ) or d in elements( t.deadlines.endDeadlines ) ) and d.escalated = false order by d.date]


      Help me.