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    mod_cluster apache and 2 jboss_managers

    luca gioppo Novice

      I've this configuration:

      1 Apache (on VM0)

      Jboss_Master1 (domain master and server node on VM1) + Jboss_slave1 (just server node on VM2) each with server_group1 and server_group2 defined (each with just 1 node)

      Jboss_Master2 (domain master and server node on VM3) + Jboss_slave2 (just server node on VM4) each with server_group3 defined


      so in total I've got 3 couples of servers that has to be balanced between the two of them.


      All nodes are different virtual machines.

      I tryed to create two virtual hosts in Apache, but it came out that "mod_advertise: directive in more than one VirtualHost: not supported".

      So I'm trying to figure out how to be sure that I end up having each server_group is balanced between its own nodes?


      Can I define in apache





        ## Vhost Location

        <Location />

          Order allow,deny

           Allow from all



        # This directive allows you to view mod_cluster status at URL nvh_addr_port/mod_cluster-manager

        <Location /mod_cluster-manager>

         SetHandler mod_cluster-manager

         Order deny,allow

         Allow from

         AllowDisplay on



        KeepAliveTimeout 60

        MaxKeepAliveRequests 0



        ManagerBalancerName vdbcluster

        AdvertiseFrequency 5

        ServerAdvertise On



      And set on both the domains this?

      [domain@ /] /profile=ha/subsystem=modcluster/mod-cluster-config=configuration:read-resource


          "outcome" => "success",

          "result" => {

              "advertise" => true,

              "advertise-socket" => "modcluster",

              "auto-enable-contexts" => true,

              "balancer" => "vdbcluster",

              "dynamic-load-provider" => {"load-metric" => [{"type" => "busyness"}]},

              "excluded-contexts" => "ROOT,invoker,jbossws,juddi,console",

              "flush-packets" => false,

              "flush-wait" => -1,

              "max-attempts" => 1,

              "node-timeout" => -1,

              "ping" => 10,

              "proxy-list" => "apache.internal:10001",

              "proxy-url" => "/",

              "smax" => -1,

              "socket-timeout" => 20,

              "ssl" => undefined,

              "sticky-session" => true,

              "sticky-session-force" => false,

              "sticky-session-remove" => false,

              "stop-context-timeout" => 10,

              "ttl" => -1,

              "worker-timeout" => -1




      Will mod-cluster be smart enough to understand that there will be 6 nodes presenting but that he has to balance them in couples? The right couples?