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    java.util.prefs.PreferencesFactory and rhq.preferences.file properties are ignored (4.9.0)

    Lukasz Szelag Newbie



      I want to configure my RHQ agents to store the configuration in a property file, as opposed to in a Java Preferences store. Since RHQ agents run under a user that has its home directory on NAS, it is not possible to use a single Java Preferences store (which is located under the user's home directory). As a side note, why does the agent need to store the configuration at runtime anyways? All relevant settings are already located in the XML configuration file.


      Going back to my problem, I uncommented the following 2 properties under the Agent's wrapper configuration file (<RHQ_AGENT_HOME>/bin/wrapper/rhq-agent-wrapper.conf):





      However, the agent still creates the configuration under the user's home directory (~/.java/.userPrefs/rhq-agent/) and the properties file referenced by the second property (%RHQ_AGENT_HOME%/conf/agent-prefs.properties) is never created.


      I start the agent using the wrapper control script:


      <RHQ_AGENT_HOME>/bin/rhq-agent-wrapper.sh start


      Am I missing anything here?