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    allow null cmr fields


      hi there,

      in ejb2.0, since one cannot set the cmr field in ejbCreate, i am seeing errors like "column foo_id_fk in table barentity cannot be null" when creating a new ejb bar, which has a relationship to ejb foo.

      the error only happens on a sybase we are using, but not on oracle. i checked sybase schema and apparently the foreign key column is marked as "null not allowed". if i change it to allow null, everything works.

      my question is: is there a ejb/jboss standard way of controlling the fk column not-null property just like not-null in cmp?

      also is there a way to work around the problem if the schema just disallows null value? i heard there is a delay-create option in weblogic. anything similar in jboss?

      thanx a lot.

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          This problems exists in jboss 3.0.4 and here is the description of this issue in the standard jboss documentation on CMP.
          The current implementation of JBossCMP inserts a row into the database for a new entity between ejbCreate and ejbPostCreate. Since the
          EJB specification does not allow a relationship to be modified until ejbPostCreate, a foreign key will be initially set to null. There is a similar
          problem with removal. This limitation will be removed in a future release.
          Was it solved in 3.0.6? I'm going to try it now.

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            i tried jboss-3.2.0RC5 and it didn't work.

            another part of the question is that is there a way to configure db schema so that null foreign key is allowed?

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              I think that the only way to work around this limitation is to set nullable f. keys. I hate doing this but I don't see any other solution.
              I found another problem - my application stopped working after migration from 3.0.4 to 3.2RC4. It deployes CMP beans, but at runtime on my findBy... call it throws sql exception - relation A14_users (one table in PostgreSQL 7.3) not found...


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                In Oracle, you can use deferred NULL constraints, which checks the constraint at commit time. Don't know if other databases have something similar.

                e.g. CREATE TABLE CLIENT ( ...