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    Clustering remote deployment whit farmURIS

    Andrea Bacchi Newbie


      I'm working with JbossAS 6.1.0 Final in cluster  and i need to deploy my war in a directory into one of the farmURIS.

      My all/conf/boostrap/profile.xml


             <property name="farmURIs">

                  <list elementClass="java.net.URI">







      If I put my war manually in "mydir", all work fine, and my application is deployed.

      I'd like to deploy using org.jboss.deployers.spi.management.deploy.DeploymentManager.

      In my code, I get org.jboss.profileservice.spi.ProfileService from jndi lookup


      ProfileService ps = (ProfileService) ctx.lookup("ProfileService");


      Then, I search for profiles

      for (ProfileKey pk : ps.getProfileKeys()) {

                      System.out.println("Cicling profiles: " + pk.getName() + " : " + pk.getClass()); ;



      Here i found only the "farm" profile (for applicationURIs in profile.xml there are "application1", "application2"..one fore each uris) and then load for Deploymentmanager

      DeploymentManager dm = ps.getDeploymentManager();



      when i invoke distribuite, my war is deployed into "/farm" directory.

      How can I choose "mydir" direcory?


      At this link

      http://grepcode.com/file/repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/repositories/releases/org.jboss.jbossas/jboss-as-system/6.1.0.Final/org/jboss/system/server/profileservice/bootstrap/StaticClusteredProfileFactory.java, there are the sources for Profile Creation and for FARM Profile there is  farming.setSource method, but I don't know how to specify other sources when using DeploymentManager.



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          Radoslav Husar Master

          AS 6... ouch. Have you considered upgrading to AS 7.x, EAP 6.x or even WildFly 8.x?


          I am not familiar with this, however I am guessing that you could possibly spoof the profile to only include your desired directory in the list of URIs for the sake of deploying? Seems like the /farm, the default directory, gets picked first (there could be something like of type List<URI>.get(0));

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            Andrea Bacchi Newbie

            Hi Radoslav


            many thanks for you reply.

            unfortunately we can't upgrade to another version of jboss, so we need to integrate with AS 6.1.0 Final :-(

            About the list of uri, yes, if I delete "/farm" direcotry and include only "mydir" , it's wotk and the deployemntmanager deploy may app in this dir. But i need to add some dir (mydir1,mydir2..) and I'd like to choose the right dir to use in my code.

            For example, for applicationURIS, if I configure jboss like this (all/conf/boostrap/profile.xml):

            <property name="applicationURIs">
                        <list elementClass="java.net.URI">




            in my code, i can choose application (to use "deploy") , application1 (to use "mydir1" ) or application2  (to use "mydir2") profile:

            for (ProfileKey pk : ps.getProfileKeys()) {


                   //deploy app1 in mydir1


                  //deploy app2 in mydir2




            but with farmURIS, there is only one profile and there isn't (or I'm not able to find this ) a method to get another dir.

            I'm reading various api for spi implementation:



            import org.jboss.profileservice.spi.ProfileService


            but for now, no result :-(



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              Radoslav Husar Master

              I am guessing this could be the code that picks the first directory in the list for farm deployment (BasicDeploymentRepository.java):


                public URI getUploadUri()
                    if(uploadUri != null)
                      return uploadUri;
                    if(getRepositoryURIs() != null && getRepositoryURIs().length > 0)
                      return getRepositoryURIs()[0];
                    throw new IllegalArgumentException("No upload uri available.");


              There is also setUploadUri(URI) you may give it a try..

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                Andrea Bacchi Newbie

                Hi Radoslav


                I have done some test, but i can't find a solution :-(

                About your post, i can't take the DeploymentRepository

                My code is like this :ProfileService DeploymentManager in 5.x and I use the profileservice spi that don't have a method to manage repository

                In my test I find a new behavior  for deplyment: if I deploy and undeploy my app into /server/all/mydir manually, when i retry deployment with DeploymentManager, it use /server/all/mydir and not /server/all/farm. So there is some "choosing phase" to select the path to use for deployment, not only the first.


                During the process

                DeploymentProgress distribute = deployMgr.distribute("testwebapp.war", new File("/tmp/distTWA/testwebapp.war").toURI().toURL(), true);

                //here I don't see the deploy path


                repositoryNames = distribute.getDeploymentID().getRepositoryNames(); //here I find the path ( /servr/all/farm for default and /servr/all/mydir if I used this path for deploy/undeploy manually)