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    ArchiveExportException when deploying artifact




      While running a Maven clean install I get the following exception:


      org.jboss.shrinkwrap.api.exporter.ArchiveExportException: File could not be created: target\deployment\_DEFAULT___DEFAULT__dc29d09d-6c6e-47d0-b3c7-2667c2052839.war


      I am using SrinkWrap 1.2.0 with Arquillian 1.1.1.Final over Glassfish Embedded Strange that after running again a Maven install, the exception doesn't occur anymore, so it seems that is only when installing after a clean.


      After some debugging I found out that the target file passed to AbstractStreamExporterImpl.getOutputStreamToFile() has a relative path when executing a clean install, while the path is absolute when executing a second install without a previous clean. Also, in the first case the the exporter is called by the Arquillian Event framework, while in the second it is called by GlassFishContainer.deploy(Archive<?> archive).


      The complete stack trace is attached. Any ideas?



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          Resolved, the problem was in the Arquillian configuration file configured with:



              <property name="deploymentExportPath">target/deployment</property>



          I have changed to a property-relative path, which is filtered by Maven when deploying:



              <property name="deploymentExportPath">${project.build.directory}/deployment</property>