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        Christiaan van Tienhoven Newbie

        Hi Karuna,


        I ran into the same problem recently. I tried to consume messages using STOMP from HornetQ version 2.3.0, which didn't work. Using tcpdump on my HornetQ machine I saw that the Apache NMS posts a CONNECT frame with the property "accept-version=1.0,1.1". Reading this thread I figured maybe there's a discepancy between the NMS STOMP 1.1 implementation and the HornetQ STOMP 1.1 implementation, so I altered the StompWireFormat.cs so that the CONNECT frame writes "accept-version=1.0" to try to force STOMP 1.0 being used. After changing this I was able to consume messages from HornetQ using STOMP. Below is a link to the DLL's and an example program which seems to work with HornetQ 2.3.0.


        I hope this helps!

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