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    How to attach a queue to rich:autocomplete

    Immo Benjes Newbie



      a while back someone already asked for this and 'found' a solution:

      rich:autocomplete + a4j:queue/attachQueue


      The problem with the solution proposed (placing a queue inside the autocompete with no name) is that this triggers a bug

      [RF-12977] a4j:queue breaks tabPanel - JBoss Issue Tracker

      which kills rich:tabPanels with ajax mode.


      Is there any other way to get a queue to work with the autocomplete which doesn't kill the rich:tabPanel?


      a) Declaring a named queue and using a:attachQueue in the autocomplete does not work

      b) Declaring an unnamed queue inside a:autocomplete does work but breaks rich:tabPanel with mode="ajax"

      c) Declaring a named queue inside a:autocomplete does not work.


      So what other options are there?

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          Immo Benjes Newbie

          I've tried the workaround in the JIRA issue to add

          a:attachQueue requestDelay="0" to the rich:tabPanel. This only works party. The tab panel works again but the request delay specified for the autocomplete is not used anymore.

          The only advantage is that the ignoreDupResponses="true" from the queue for the autocomplete is used. So the user does not see changing suggestions anymore. But it would be nice if one could avoid the unnecessary ajax chatter with the server.


          Update: At least it works as expected on all pages that doesn't use the rich:tabPanel with switchType="ajax". On the few pages where I use it the request are send without request delay.