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    RHQ custom portlet

    Chatura kalansooriya Newbie



         I would like to write a custom portlet in RHQ that interface for Logstash and ElasticSearch like kibana do. I just looked through simple org.rhq.enterprise.gui.coregui.client.dashboard.portlets.util.MessagePortlet as a starting point. Very appreciate, provide any more directions on to this.




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          jay shaughnessy Expert

          The major drawback of a GWT-based GUI is that it is hard to customize.  Because the UI is written in Java and then compiled/translated into browser-specific Javascript, it is not easy to inject custom UI components.  Those components would need to be compiled as well, before the GUI is deployed.


          What it can do is wrap another web page, which is what the message portlet can do.  Although, it's pretty weak at the moment, the URL has to be configured, and is not really dynamic.  Unfortunately, we don't really have hooks in place to really allow any really strong custom portlets, or any other custom views wrapping an external web page.


          Another alternative is to write a custom app that interacts as needed with RHQ via the remote API, and then present that app in the message portlet.

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            Chatura kalansooriya Newbie

            Thanks for your feedback. Yes mashup portlet type work for remote html content through iframe. But i really need to implement owns gwt portlet on top of RHQ. sorry i'm not full understand your second option.



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              Ondrej Zizka Master

              Jay, I think Heiko Braun solved this somehow in the AS console. Isn't this one of the goals of the Errai project?