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    Using rhc-express in Eclipse with Forge


      Hi there,


      I'm currently getting started with the JBoss tools in Eclipse to create a Java Facebook app. I have everything supposedly working as it should be except that I cannot get the Openshift commands to work in the Forge console in Eclipse. It'll take 'rhc setup' but nothing else. I was expecting to be able to use 'rhc-express setup' and 'rhc-express deploy' as documented on some tutorials - but to no avail. It simply states there is no such command.


      Windows 7 64bit

      Eclipse JEE Indigo SR2

      JBoss tools from the Eclipse marketplace

      Following this tutorial: http://ocpsoft.org/opensource/creating-a-facebook-app-new-web-application-hosting-and-basic-facebook-functionality/


      Any help on where I'm going wrong and how to get Openshift to work in Eclipse with Forge would be much appreciated!