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    wildfly-8.x WAR classpath question




      We have WAR structure:




      /META-INF/test.properties   <-- this test.properties shouldn't be visible to classpath


      I'm curious why WildFly adds /META-INF to classpath in WAR.

      Servlet 3.0 says that resources from /META-INF are only accessible using ServletContext.getResource() and not ClassLoader.getResource().

      GF-4.0 and TC-6.0 don't put /META-INF in classpath.


      After short discussion on IRC I know that is intentional behaviour (because of ServiceLoader) but for me it is wrong (we cannot put jars in META-INF).


      I'm saying only about WAR because WildFly don't put root /META-INF if I'm deploying EAR (and other servers too).


      Any ideas or comments ?