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    Shrinkwrap addAsLibrary() adds library to a wrong path


      Hi all,


      I am currently writing some integration tests with Arquillian. The archive for the deployment I create with ShrinkWarp Now I'm stuck at a strange problem:

      I have a .war archive and want to add a .jar library to it. If I do this with myWar.addAsLibrary(myJar) this the myJar is then located at


      \_ WEB-INF/lib/WEB-INF/lib/myJar.jar

      instead of


      \_ WEB-INF/lib/myJar.jar


      I have made a workaround that exports the jar to the file system and adds it like this:

      myWar.addAsLibrary(new File("/home/metalhamster/myJar.jar"), new BasicPath("/WEB-INF/lib/myJar.jar")); 

      But of course this is everything else than satisfying.

      Has anyone an idea what the problem is? Is it maybe a bug of ShrinkWrap?


      Cheers metalhamster