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    Undertow redirect port for HTTPS


      Hi all,


      the last days I tried to setup WildFly 8.0.0.Beta1 to work with HTTPS. The only thing not working yet is the redirection of HTTP -> HTTPS.


      To my knowledge I have to setup Realm and https listener and add CONFIDENTIAL to web.xml.


      <security-realm name="UndertowRealm">











      <https-listener name="https" socket-binding="https" security-realm="UndertowRealm"/>


      and in web.xml











      the part in the web.xml seems to be responsible for the redirect HTTP -> HTTPS which returns for http://domain.net -> https://domain.net


      I am using the Wildfly in the cloud and the cloud provider allows to define port mapping from public to private ports. In the case of Wildfly I have the following:

      Public -> Private

      80 -> 8080

      443 -> 8443


      What happens is that the request http://domain.net is redirected to https://domain.net:8443 instead of https://domain.net


      My question is now, how can I configure the Wildfly to redirect to 443 instead of 8443 but still use the binding port 8443 for HTTPS???