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    How to use seam with a non-webbased client


      First off LOVE SEAM!


      Ok, for the SEAM gurus out there. I am working on a server client system. The server is an application running inside a J2EE application server (currently JBoss 7.1) .

      What I want to do is set up numerous remote EJBs that can be accessed by a non-web based client (i.e. no WAR). Currently I'm playing with JavaFX but I may also want to implement also a Commandline ncurses client in addition.


      I do not want to re-invent the wheel if I don't have to.

      I would love to take advantage of Seam's User Authentication, and Seam's Session and Conversation Contexts.


      As I understand it (Please Please correct me where I'm wrong), seam introduces a EJB interceptor that attaches some metadata on EJB method calls made from the WAR to the Seam Managed Components that allow Seam to associate each EJB method call with a particular State/Conversation/Session/etc...


      Is it possible to introduce this EJB interceptor into a Java Client that makes remote (from 1 JVM to the Server JVM) EJB method calls, so that the Client App can take advantage of the State/Conversation/Session/etc...?


      Does anyone know of a application/library/project that has done this or something similar before?


      Any thoughts on feasibility or blocking constraints are greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.