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    richfaces tags used in websphere portal




      I have created several JSF 2.0 portlets in websphere portal. I am using richfaces tags in my view. I notice an issue where if more than one portlet uses a richfaces tag, such as, <rich:select...>, when I try to interact with the rich tag in the FIRST portlet on the portal page, I keep accumulating js errors like, "too much recursion". If I interact with the richfaces tag in the second portlet, no js errors. If I remove the second portlet from the page, and simply leave one portlet on the page, everything works great in the first one. If I add multiple rich tags in ONE portlet, everything works great. It is when there are multiple portlets on a page, with all portlets using rich tags, interacting with the rich tags in the first portlet causes js errors.


      I am using Rich Faces 4.3.4.


      Does this issue sound familiar to anybody?