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    wildfly8-CR1: How to configure http/servlet transport with HornetQ and how to set client's context properties?


      Dear all,


           Is there an example of configuring http/servlet transport with HornetQ in wildfly 8 CR1?

           I spent several days on wildfly 8 CR1 since it's released.


      I have studied





      But, there has been <http-connector name="http" socket-binding="http"/>, and do NOT know if I should configure

      <connector name="netty-connector">
      <param key="http-enabled" value="true"/>
      <param key="port" value="80"/>

      or connection factory (as the examples in hornetq 2.4.0) in standalone.xml?

      How the client-side code look like???

      should I use "jnp://localhost:1099" as java.naming.provider.url? Does this mean I should add 1099 into linux firewall filter???


      I googled many articles, but nothing is useful!

      Please help me! I think this example is VERY important to many of us.

      Any tip is highly appreciated!!!