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    max-bean-life and max-bean-age

    Sean Radford Novice

      Can anyone explain exactly what the max-bean-life and max-bean-age elements in a container configuration are for?

      I've read that the value of (max-bean-life) - (max-bean-age) relates to the timeout of a Stateful Session EJB, but still don't really understand. I mean wouldn't you just have a time that states after what period the container should ejbRemove the bean if it hasn't been called?



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          Grzegorz Stelmaszek Newbie

          According to the jboss_3_2.dtd:
          The age after which a bean is automatically passivated
          <!ELEMENT max-bean-age (#PCDATA)>


          The max-bean-life specifies the period of the remover
          task that removes stateful beans (that normally have been passivated)
          that have age greater than the specified max-bean-life element.
          <!ELEMENT max-bean-life (#PCDATA)>

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