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    JMS 2.0 how to specify user credentials?

    Mylos Kathos Master

      Dear all,

      I'd need to use some capabilities of JMS 2.0 such as Automatic Connection Factory and Queue definition. I have elaborated the following code, which however fails because of Security checks ("Unable to validate user: null"). Is there a way to specify the username and password in JMS 2.0 so that I can use the following code ?



      @JMSConnectionFactoryDefinition(name = "java:/MyConnectionFactory",

      className = "javax.jms.ConnectionFactory")

      @JMSDestinationDefinition(name = "java:jboss/jms/queue/myQueue",

      className = "javax.jms.Queue", interfaceName = "javax.jms.Queue")

      public class ManagerEJB {



            @Resource(mappedName = "java:jboss/jms/queue/myQueue")

           Queue myQueue;




           private JMSContext context;


           public void sendMessage(String txt) {


               .send(myQueue, txt);