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    Unable to install SOA tooling


      I'm trying to install the SOA tooling into JBoss Developer studio as outlined on the following site:


      JBoss Developer Studio 7 - how to setup SOA Tools (BRMS example) | Eric D. Schabell - JBoss | Planet JBoss Community


      I am using the URL http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/integration/kepler/integration-stack/aggregate/ to do the installation in help --> Install new software


      The installation always fails with the following error message:


      Unable to read repository at http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/integration/kepler/integration-stack/aggregate/4.1.3.Beta5/plugins/org.teiid.8.3.x_8.2.0.Beta3-v20131104-2206-B2446.jar.

      Premature end of Content-Length delimited message body (expected: 8002808; received: 7101352

      Unable to read repository at http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/updates/integration/kepler/integration-stack/aggregate/4.1.3.Beta5/plugins/org.teiid.8.4.x_8.2.0.Beta3-v20131104-2206-B2446.jar.

      Premature end of Content-Length delimited message body (expected: 9620220; received: 8714088


      I can download the jar manually through my browser. I have tried downloading it and putting it in the plugins directory in hopes that when I run the installation again that the installer will skip trying to download that jar. However, this does not work. I get this message on the console when I attempt to do that:


      Artifact repository out of sync. Overwriting /home/aaron/jbdevstudio/studio/plugins/org.teiid.8.4.x_8.2.0.Beta3-v20131104-2206-B2446.jar


      I have installed these plugins in the past, but this has been going on for the past three or four days now and I can't get this stuff installed. Anyone know of anything else I can do? Is there any other site I can try the installation from? Maybe something Red Hat runs?