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    migrate from seam 2.1.2


      Hi guys,


      I've got an application made in 2008 with Seam 2.1.2 which was never upgraded to any newer version.


      I'd like to start the global upgrade of this one, going to JEE6 for example, and think the first step to make an "easy" uprade would be to remove ant and mavenise the project.

      But I can"t find a maven repository with 2.1.2 in it. Sonatype says it has existed, but it seems to be too old to still be online.


      So my question is double :

      * Is there still somewhere a living maven repository with Seam 2.1.2 in it ?

      * If not, (or even if there is one) do you have good advice to be able to migrate smoothly, step by step, the project without breaking everything ?


      I hope the subject was not already too much discussed here. I tried to search the forum, but didn't succeed in using the searching tool efficiently