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    WildFly 8CR1 keeps lock on Manifest.mf files in exploded deployment


      Hi all,


      attached is a small JSF app, which I want to deploy to a WildFly 8CR1 server. Just extract the content and copy the directory "KuchenZutatJSF.ear" to the "deployments" directory.


      Now create this sequence of deployment marker files (and wait after each step for completion):









      After the final undeploy, the "Manifest.mf" files are still locked (the directory cannot be deleted). This is not the case after the first undeploy.  My OS is a Win7x64 machine.


      The manifest files were automatically created by Eclipse.


      Maybe this is also the reason for strange error messages when performing a "Full publish" using JBoss Tools (but here it happens already on first redeploy). Will have do more research...


      Best regards