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    Trying to run Forge under Cygwin and Windows 8 -- no command is executed


      Hello. I have tried to use Forge 1.4.4 under Cygwin + Windows 8 without luck.


      I'm able to execute the basic tutorial from Powershell (forge.bat). But when I try to do it from cygwin, the shell does not respond. It appears it just won't receive any command. For example:


      [no project] forge $ help;

      -- several minutes later, I Ctrl-C:


      $ help;

      GNU bash, version 4.1.11(2)-release (x86_64-unknown-cygwin)



      So it appears that the commands I execute on the forge shell under cygwin just don't reach the forge shell.


      I'm using also libevent2: I do use tmux under cygwin. I have tried forge with and without tmux without luck.


      It would be great to me to use Forge inside cygwin. Is there something I can do for it ? Maybe yo can give me some directions?

      Or maybe you can tell me some way to go to the sources and try to implement it.