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    DeltaSpike ViewScoped not working in wildfly 8.0.0.Final


      I have read about DeltaSpike doc and followed the instruction to have deltaspike-core-api deltaspike-core-impl deltaspike-jsf-module-api and deltaspike-jsf-module-impl included in my pom. I added @javax.faces.bean.ViewScoped and @Named annotation to my bean. However, it does not seem the bean is managed as a Viewscoped bean. The @PostConstruct init() is always called. What could be wrong and what else I need to do to make View scoped working? We used to have our own implementation (followed Seam 3.0 codebase's similar implementation of Viewscoped) of Viewscoped and it worked well in jboss eap 6.0. But our own extension does not work in Wildfly anymore.

      After I downgrade the jsf-impl and javax.jsf.api to 2.1.5 from 2.2.5, both our  viewscoped and the DeltaSpike's works.

      But why the Viewscoped not working for jsf 2.2?