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    How to set a global variable to pass values from a SY Task to another ?

    Mauro Araujo Newbie

      Hi ,

      I have bean  tring to put some values in a global variable  to use it in  the  a SY tasks or in condition,

      my problem is after each  flow the value is null.

      This is global variables difrent from the process variables (Parameter Result or Fault) ,

      some value8 a constant or whatever i need in to use in next action.)


      Dont know what im doing wrong what else is missing here.

      The idea is to set var msgeq(Global var) whith something from the task entry or exit scripts to be used in next task  or in conditional box

      I put some images of my properties.



      then i have in my first process the inputs like this:



      Then on exit script i put some message "Hellooooo"  


      Then when i pass to second SY task msgeq is null i needed to be what i set in the script of the previous task.


      I got my second task I/o define like this


      and in my process data Items i have define them like this


      The vars are all String type ,

      i dont know if i need to use other bpm activities or to do or add something else,

      how can i set a global or alter the value of a global var and it will  flow  from one task to others ?

      Thanks in advance