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    Migration path from JBOSS AS (Wildfly / jbosgi) to FUSE

    Andrew Scully Newbie

      Hi all,


      OSGI support was provided in JBOSS AS 7. For AS 8 (Wildfly), that support was moved to a separate sub-project (JBOSS OSGI). It now appears that this project has been killed.


      The line being given out is that OSGI support for JBOSS is now supported purely via FUSE...





      ...but it is not clear what the migration path is for this, so I'm looking for general advice.


      The impression I'm getting is that FUSE appears to be an ESB rather than a fully-fledged application server. Therefore, to support OSGI is JBOSS, we would need to drop FUSE into Wildfly.


      Am I on the correct lines here? Is this something that anybody else has done?


      Any pointers appreciated muchly.


      Cheers, Andy.