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    CLI - remove module command is getting failed when one of its classes is explicitly loaded.


      Here are the steps describing the problem.


      I am using EAP 6.1 Alpha environment


      1. I have added a jboss module using CLI command (module add)

      2. Module got added successfully.

      3. In my code, I tried to load one of the classes which is part of the above module using the following code.


      ModuleIdentifier moduleId = ModuleIdentifier.fromString("com.abc.xyz.module1:main");
      Module module = Module.getModuleFromCallerModuleLoader(moduleId);
      Class<?> clob1 = module.getClassLoader().loadClass("com.abc.xyz.module1.TestService");

      Note: The above piece of code is not part of the module deployed in step 1

      4. Now, when i tried to remove the module(added in step1) using CLI Then it is failing with the error.


      Failed to delete C:\EAP_Workspace\sandbox\parent\server\target\project\jboss\modules\com\abc\xyz\module1\main\demo_e


      Is there a way to forcefully delete the module? or unload a module?