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    connector values are not available like "requestCount , maxTime, bytesReceived etc " in wildfly 8.1.0.Final

    Rituraj Sinha Novice

      while using jboss 7.2.0 we were able to fetch above values from the cli command as

      [domain@test.com:9999 subsystem=web] ls

      configuration                        valve                                default-virtual-server=default-host  native=false

      connector                            virtual-server                       instance-id=${jboss.node.name}

      [domain@test.com:9999 connector] ls

      ajp   http

      [domain@test.com:9999 connector] cd http
      [domain@test.com:9999 connector] pwd

      [domain@test.com:9999 connector=http] ls

      configuration                                    max-connections=undefined                           proxy-port=undefined

      ssl                                                    max-post-size=2097152                                    redirect-port=443

      bytesReceived=                                max-save-post-size=4096                                      requestCount=

      bytesSent=                                          maxTime=                                                         scheme=http

      enable-lookups=false                             name=http                                                            secure=false

      enabled=true                                     processingTime=                                             socket-binding=http

      errorCount=                                      protocol=HTTP/1.1                                     virtual-server=undefined

      executor=undefined                           proxy-name=undefined


      Now we have moved to wildfly8 and trying to look for  the same values in underetow( as there is no "web" subsystem in wildfly8)

      as below

      [domain@test2.com:9990 subsystem=undertow] ls

      buffer-cache                       server                             default-servlet-container=default  statistics-enabled=false         (Here there is no connector attribute available as this was in jboss 7.2.0 )

      configuration                      servlet-container                  default-virtual-host=default-host

      error-page                         default-server=default-server      instance-id=${jboss.node.name}


      but the listners(HTTP, AJP and HTTPS ) are defined in the server attribute...hence going into server attribute we get the below as

      [domain@test2.com:9990 server=default-server] ls

      ajp-listener               host                       http-listener              https-listener             default-host=default-host  servlet-container=default

      after getting into http-listener we get the below

      [domain@test2.com:9990 http-listener=default] ls

      allow-encoded-slash=false        certificate-forwarding=false     max-cookies=200                  max-post-size=10485760           socket-binding=http

      always-set-keep-alive=true       decode-url=true                  max-header-size=51200            proxy-address-forwarding=false   url-charset=UTF-8

      buffer-pipelined-data=true       enabled=true                     max-headers=200                  record-request-start-time=false  worker=default

      buffer-pool=default              max-buffered-request-size=16384  max-parameters=1000              redirect-socket=https


      Can someone please look into it or let me know where to get these values from..?