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    LargeMessages are not fragmented in jgroups-3.2.7.Final.jar

    nikesh shetty Newbie


      I am using jgroups-3.2.7.Final.jar in my project.

      I am sending huge message.If copied to a file its 1.4 MB.

      While sending to other node, I am seeing this error in the logs


      2014-04-21 01:46:53,416 ERROR [org.jgroups.protocols.UDP] (ClusterNodeCommMessageWorker-4) failed sending message to cluster (1564701 bytes): java.lang.Exception: message size (1564701) is greater than max bundling size (64000). Set the fragmentation/bundle size in FRAG and TP correctly, cause: null

      msg="Some Xml" //But very large

      JChannel  channel = new JChannel("UDP");

      channel.send(new Message(null, null, msg));

      Can anyone be helpful to rescue me out of this or any pointers.



      From my understanding what I feel is that the Msg if greater than bundling size, then it shoul fragment it and then send.

      Please let me know if I am misguided here.