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    Scaffold-generate do nothing


      I have a project where I have modules ejb, web and ear. I want to create the UI scaffolding for the entties in ejb using scaffold-generate (as it is explained here : http://proxy.wowkool.com/aHR0cHM6Ly9naXRodWIuY29tL2ZvcmdlL2FuZ3VsYXJqcy1hZGRvbg). Initial file setup works but scaffolding the entities do not complain, but still do not generate anything. 

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          This is related to an existing issue: [FORGE-773] entities for scaffold could be binary, not source - JBoss Issue Tracker; we'll eventually get this fixed by allowing the scaffoldable JPA entities to reside in a different Maven module of the same project.


          For now, you could use the same workaround I discussed in the other thread - generate the scaffold in the war project by placing the JPA entities in it. In fact, in the case of Java EE 6+ projects, the EAR style projects with an ejb jar and a war should be used only when you really need to (Java EE 5 and earlier had limitations on EJBs being required to be placed  in in EJB-JARs and not in WARs); it is perfectly fine to create EJBs in your WARs.