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    JBossWS: wsdl:import always handled as relative location


      Hi everyone,


      I have some trouble deploying a web-service implementation using a external WSDL file (I cannot change it).


      The wsdl performs an import of another WSDL file using an absolute URL, something like this:

      <wsdl:import namespace="http://foo.bar.com/foo.bar.Service" location="http://foo.bar.com/Service.svc?wsdl=wsdl0"/>


      Problem: the location here seems to be always resolved as being relative to the source wsdl location. The resolved URL may then look like:



      This prevents the WSDL file from being parsed.


      This behavior seems to originate from: org.jboss.ws.common.deployment.SOAPAddressWSDLParser, line 211 in v2.3.0.Final and current trunk:

      } else if (match(reader, WSDL_NS, IMPORT)) {

                        final String location = reader.getAttributeValue(null, LOCATION);

                        final String url = wsdlUrl.toString();

                        final String newUrl = url.substring(0, url.lastIndexOf("/") + (location.startsWith("/") ? 0 : 1)) + location;

                        if (!metadata.getImports().containsKey(newUrl)) {

                           metadata.getImports().put(newUrl, false);




      Is that normal ? Should I fill a bug report ?


      Many thanks,