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    configuring modeshape subsystem




      sorry if I'm asking newbie question, but currently I'm lost in configuration.

      I need to store files on some file server that is different from where JBoss server resides.

      This is the config from modeshape instaling on the JBoss 7.2.0


              <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:modeshape:1.0">

                  <repository name="sample" cache-name="sample" cache-container="modeshape" cluster-name="modeshape-sample-cluster" cluster-stack="tcp">

                      <local-file-index-storage path="modeshape/indexes/sample-${jboss.node.name}"/>

                      <cache-binary-storage data-cache-name="sample-binary-fs" metadata-cache-name="sample-binary-fs-meta" cache-container="modeshape-binary-cache-container"/>


                  <repository name="artifacts" cache-name="artifacts" cache-container="modeshape" cluster-name="modeshape-artifacts-cluster" cluster-stack="tcp">

                      <workspaces allow-workspace-creation="false">

                          <workspace name="default">





                          <workspace name="other"/>

                          <workspace name="extra"/>


                      <local-file-index-storage path="modeshape/indexes/artifacts-${jboss.node.name}"/>

                      <cache-binary-storage data-cache-name="artifacts-binary-fs" metadata-cache-name="artifacts-binary-fs-meta" cache-container="modeshape-binary-cache-container"/>





                          <text-extractor name="tika-extractor" classname="tika" module="org.modeshape.extractor.tika"/>



                  <webapp name="modeshape-rest.war"/>

                  <webapp name="modeshape-webdav.war"/>

                  <webapp name="modeshape-explorer.war"/>

                  <webapp name="modeshape-cmis.war"/>



      Where can I specify the path to repository on different server?



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          For the index storage you have the attributes: <local-file-index-storage path="" relative-to=""/>. The relative-to attribute has the default value: jboss.server.data.dir but you change that to be any fully qualified folder.

          The Infinispan file stores also have a similar format:  <file-store path="" relative-to=""/>. So you'll also need to configure the Infinispan caches.

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            can you please write example of fully qualified folder on different server I have tried a lot of different ways but no success?


            Is it ip-adress/d$/folder1/folder2 , or how?

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              Sorry, I misread your original question: AFAIK all the configurations work *on the local machine only*. I'm not aware of being able to store files remotely that way.

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                so what is the point to store files only localy?


                Is there any other way to configure modeshape to store files on different server than jboss local?

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                  I'm not 100% sure I understand what you're trying to do.

                  If you're referring to NFS-style shares, you should be able on any Unix-like system to mount such a remote location which then would be referred like a local one would. The relative-to attribute mentioned from above will work with any path/URL as long as it's valid from a java.io.File perspective.

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