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    In Jboss4.0 Username/Password Got Cashed Somewhere And not checking Next Time Credentials from DB and login as it is even i make the user inactive in DB.AnyOne Assist me Regarding Disabling This Cache.

    kamlesh kumar Newbie

      Hi All,



      My application uses Jboss4.0. and i am getting some problems in Login Authentication.For Eg: A user Exist in DB with some username and password in active mode. then first time when i am login with correct credentials and put the debug points in intialize() and Login() method in a custom file which is extended from AbstractServerLoginModule.java of jboss then first time it goes through entire channel and login successfully.but after that somewhere username and password  it got cashed and next time it wont goes through this entire channel no debugger working and login as it is.

        Now My problem is when i make the same user  as inactive also..it Got Login and not checking whether user is active or not.Because user is allready login previously successfully so its not checking my query and login as it is. i want to disable this Cache. So Please Anyone assist me Regarding this.