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      I am use JBoss 3.2.3+Oracle9i or MS SQLSERVER 2000.
      When i try create to table(Table1 and Table2) and create Relationship beetwin them (one2many) whis cascade deleting, JBoss succesfull create tables and Relationship but it does not create cascade deleting flag in database and cascade deleting does not work.
      Can you help me?

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          JBossCMP handles cascade delete itself (w/o cascade delete settings in the db). How do you configure it that is does not work?

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            Yes. It's work when i set <fk-constraint> to false. But can i do it this <fk-containt> to true value?For example I have Other Aplication(that execute not under Jboss) that work this data base, and I whant remove any row from whis table whis cade delete from child table?

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              Ok.I'm understand. If I whant to use Jboss for casdade delte I must set "fk-constraint" option to false and set <cascade-delete> flag im my ejb-jar file.If i whant that Database do cascade delete i must don't set <cascade-delete> in my ejb-jar file, but create in database fk-coinstraint, whis cascade-delete option.

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                JBoss will not create any cascade-delete flag in the database. It is not a bug. How do you configure cascade-delete? Show the code which does not work.

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                  Sorry, I didn't read your last post.
                  In general, I would not recommend you configuring cascade-delete in the database due to caching issues.

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                    Thanks Loubyansky for u help.Sorry for my English:)