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    JBoss module replication




      I ran a JBoss 7 cluster infrastructure containing 3 virtual servers.

      JBoss EAP 6.2.2 is installed on each of them.


      server1 : domain controller (DC) with one server group : group1 (profile full-ha) / Apache+mod_cluster 1.2.6

      server2 : domain member with one server (cluster1) belonging to group1

      server3 : domain member with one server (cluster2) belonging to group1


      When i deploy an application on the DC, it is automatically copied to server2/cluster1 and server3/cluster2 : OK


      I wonder how to have the same behaviour for static modules ($jboss_home_dir/modules) needed by the application.

      Do i have to copy them manually to server2 and server3 (i guess they are useless on server1) or does it exist a way to deploy them on server1 with automatic replication to server2 and server3 ?

      Do i need to configure the module dependencies in my application project (jboss-deployment-structure.xml or anything else) so the needed modules will be replicated when i deploy the application on server 1 ?


      Thanks for your answers.





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          At the moment there is no feature to automatic distribute modules in a domain, you need to install it on each host.

          If you configure an application with dependencies (you can use MANIFEST or jboss-deployment-structure) you need to have the module installed first.

          Otherwise a deploy will fail.


          The domain is 'only' a administrative instance to handle multiple servers on different host-contollers.

          I hope that the feature to distribute modules is added soon to make this administration more simple.

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            Thanks for your answer.

            I'll keep a close watch to the updates.