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    What does Connected: mean on the Modcluster manager page

    Isa B Newbie

      Hi All


      I am running Wilfly 8 final with mod_cluster 1.2.6.Final. I noticed on the mod_cluster_manager page one of my balancers has Connected:-1 and my other 2 balancers have Connected:0.    What does this indicate?

      Balancer: mycluster,LBGroup: ,Flushpackets: Off,Flushwait: 10000,Ping: 10000000,Smax: 1,Ttl: 60000000,Status: OK,Elected: 12900,Read: 71937204,Transferred: 9719476,Connected: -1,Load: 1


      I have read  the below in the documentation. So what does -1 one mean ?

      Connected: Corresponds to the number of requests been processed when the mod_cluster status page was requested.