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    Scheduled Bean deployed over a clustered environment




      I have a doubt regarding the behaviour of a Scheduled Bean that must be deployed over a clustered environment.

      1 - My guess is that it will be deployed over all the instances of the cluster (workers) and by doing that I would have 4 scheduled beans running, one in eacho worker of the cluster since I have a cluster with 4 nodes.  Is that so?


      2 - My scheduled bean checks a table, doing a pooling behaviour.  The project that this bean belongs uses JPA + Hibernate.  If I have 4 schedulers running each one inside a Context (that is related to a cluster node or worker) I could suffer with repeatable readers and waste processing on a task that is already beeing processed by the scheduler of another node.  This situation is addressed how?  Does JBoss hadles this automatically or should i take a deeper concern about that using a transaction isolation level more restrict?