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    How to run Arquillian in jenkins

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      How to run Arquillian in jenkins

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          its basically the same as running locally althought you may concern with 1, where is the container and 2 where functional tests will run:



          for 1 i usually use a managed container which is downloaded to target folder via maven during build, here is a wildfly example:




























































          basically the tests you run on top of a fresh wildfly located at target folder.


          Another option is to have the server instalation in the same machine where jenkins runs and point JBOSS_HOME to it.


          for 2 if your CI doesnt have graphic support you may use a remote selenium grid and point arquillian tests to it via arquillian.xml:



          <extension qualifier="webdriver">

                  <property name="browser">${arquillian.browser}</property>

          <!--         <property name="dimensions">1280x1024</property>  -->

                   <property name="remote">true</property>

                  <property name="remoteAddress">ip-to-selenium-grid:1044/wd/hub</property>



          or if you don't want to manage selenium grid can try a headless browser like phantomjs:



          <extension qualifier="webdriver">

                  <property name="browser">phantomjs</property>




          i hope it helps