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    How to make full copy of repository?


      Hi, All.

      My way:

      My app on development server (instance1) began to lose nodes in JCR_SQL2 queries (get such nodes by its UUID's is success). Its repository located at path /opt/modeshape_repository. I could not reproduce this case locally and want to copy repository from dev server. I packed /opt/modeshape_repository and download it.

      But my app doesn't found those nodes at all!

      Maybe I missed something when copying repository? How to make full copy of repository?

      Best regards,


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          There are a couple of ways of making a copy of the repository.


          The easiest way that works for any situation is to use the backup facility to create a backup, and then restore that backup into the second repository. This works regardless of the way the content is actually persisted.


          If your repository persists all of its data locally on the file system (and is not clustered), then you might be able to copy the directory structure(s) used by the Infinispan cache store, the indexes, and the binary store. The exact directories depend a lot on the type of Infinispan cache store and your configuration of ISPN and ModeShape. This is a lot more brittle -- if you make a mistake and don't copy everything correctly, you might not find out right away. On the other hand, this might be the fastest way and may be perfect for development environments. Oh, be sure to copy the directories only after shutting down the repository using those directories.