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    1.1.3.Final documentation over XA recover-plugin usage


      How do you use default XA recovery strategy?




        <recover-plugin class-name="org.jboss.jca.core.recovery.DefaultRecoveryPlugin"/>


      It appears in WildFly 8.1.0.Final that the class is not made available by default at runtime.


      It appears to be inside the file: modules/system/layers/base/org/jboss/ironjacamar/impl/main/ironjacamar-core-impl-1.1.3.Final.jar


      Do I import this manually in the JDBC driver module.xml, as <module name="org.jboss.ironjacamar.impl"/> ?  Should I need to do this ?  Is this the correct way ?



      At least one section of the IronJacamar documentation http://www.ironjacamar.org/doc/userguide/1.1/en-US/html_single/index.html#deployingra_extensions_recovery  incorrectly indicates how to use <recover-plugin> element like this:




        <recover-plugin>org.jboss.jca.core.recovery.DefaultRecoveryPlugin</recover-plugin><!-- THIS DOES NOT WORK DO NOT USE, SEE CORRECT EXAMPLE ABOVE -->



      Is it possible the IronJacamar documentation can document the attribute "class-name" in <recover-plugin>.


      Is it possible the IronJacamar documentation can annotate which XML elements/attributes were added in successive XSD versions ?


      Is it possible the IronJacamar documentation can indicate which version of IronJacamar a particular XSD version was first available in ?