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    What is a JaxbProcessInstanceWithVariablesResponse? Is there an alternative with the remote Java API?

    Bruno A Newbie

      I'm trying to obtain an instance of a task with the variables as specified in the IN of the workflow.

      I have searched here on how to do that but it is still too empty Chapter 17. Remote API.


      So I went to the manual here:

      Chapter 17. Remote API in search of answers. The issue is that I only see this:

      Returns a JaxbProcessInstanceWithVariablesResponse that contains

      What is a JaxbProcessInstanceWithVariablesResponse? I know it is the information in XML or JSON (with the correct header) but there's no real definition that I can use to parse them. XML and JSON are very versatile and if the format of a JaxbProcessInstanceWithVariablesResponse changes, my program can easily break (there's no spec on how that object is mapped in XML or JSON).


      Given those,
      How do I do in order to get a task with the IN variables and not just the task without the said variables (the default)?