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    Database Exceptions while Trying To Get The Tutorial To Work

    Cameron Smith Newbie

      Hi all, I am new to jBPM, and I am just taking a look at it to see if it fits my needs.


      So I downloaded the full install (jbpm-6.0.1.Final-installer-full).


      Then I installed it.


      Then I tried to start doing the demo tutorial stuff. I was up to Section 3.4 on this page: Chapter 3. jBPM Installer .


      I ran ant start.demo


      However, when eclipse was started, it was empty, and the link to the jbpm-console gave me a 404. http://localhost:8080/jbpm-console


      I checked localhost:8080 and it had a "Welcome to AS7" page, thus letting me know that at least the server was running.


      I then ran ant stop.demo, and checked the server logs.


      It appears that there are some exceptions relating to databases listed, but I am unsure if the problem is related to ports not being open, access privileges or incorrect setup. Could someone with more experience with jBPM please take a look at my server.log and let me know what to look at to fix this? Or is there a problem with the version of the installer that I used?