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    Wildfly async logger handler help

    Danny Ruchman Newbie



      We have an app that writes a lot of logs to the file system using async handler.

      the async handler has a couple of interesting parameters:

      1. Queue Length

      2. Overflow Action


      We could get much better performance results using Overflow Action=DISCARD.

      As we understand it drops calls to the log writer handler if it's queue is full.

      As we do not want to loose a lot of data, we tried increasing the size of the Queue Length and use BLOCK in Overflow Action value.

      We could not get any better results.


      can anyone help understanding those values and tune them for best performance without loosing a lot of data?


      we have a 32GB RAM and 24 cores DPU. Memory is not an issue but we do have some issues of CPU when working with Overflow Action=BLOCK


      Any help will do